Flare-on Challenge 2018 Write-up

Flare-on challenge is a Reverse-style CTF challenge created by the FireEye FLARE team. The CTF contains lots of interesting, real-world style reversing chall...

AIS3 2015 pre-exam – complete writeup

考量到參與 AIS3 2015 pre-exam 的人幾乎都是台灣人 這個 blog 的第一篇中文 writeup 就獻給這篇了 XD 基本上就是全包這次 exam 的所有題目 有問題歡迎留言討論

BackdoorCTF 2015 – Binary + Misc

BackdoorCTF 2015 For me, this is a challenge for CTF beginners. Most of the challenges are easy to solve, although some of them require some “imagination”…

0CTF 2015 Quals – geo-newbie

Talentyange gives lots of tedious apks and you know how bad he is now. Let’s try some interesting geography knowledge. nc 29995 / nc 2...

0CTF 2015 Quals – (Baby)PolyQuine

Different people see different me. But I am always myself. <> Make the output of your program exactly the same as your source...

SCTF 2014 – Pwn400

Similar with Pwn200, Pwn400 gave us a binary file, but no Open it with IDA Pro and analyze it, we found some information:

SCTF 2014 – Pwn200

SCTF is a CTF contest hold by XCTF ( seems like a Chinese version’s ). Teaming up with my labmates, we have a lot of fun solving the challenges, ...

CSAW CTF 2014 – Exploitation 400 saturn

First the challenge gave us a binary file (ELF for Intel-386). But we can’t execute it, cause we don’t have the required shared library “libchallengeresponse...

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Some notes on migrating to Jekyll

Recently I’ve decided to migrate my blogging framework from Hexo to Jekyll. Here are some notes that I took for recording the migration process.

Migrate to Github Pages

So I finally decided to migrate my blog from Logdown to Github Pages. Took me about three days to get it done. Here I write down some notes to record the who...

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